About Webhero, Inc.

In late 1994 we started working on launching an Internet Company. We launched Dallas Internet in March of 1995 providing dial-up services to customers in the Dallas, TX area. Looking to grow on our ISP services and get more into the web hosting industry we purchased Catalog.com in 1998. Catalog.com started hosting in 1994 and was one of the world's first shared hosting companies.

In 2004 Catalog.com moved it's web hosting & domain registration services to our Webhero.com domain name so that we could focus Catalog.com to be a shopping portal. We are determined to help people find a better way to research and find the products they need online.

In 2017 the domain name catalog.com was sold and the shopping portal was moved to mycatalog.com.  The company name has also officially been changed from Catalog.com, Inc. to Webhero, Inc.

Our Properties:

mycatalog.com - Online Shopping Engine
webhero.com - ICANN Accredited Web Hosting & Domain Registration Provider
socialcore.com - Social Network Plugins & Community Software
onesite.com - Platform as a Service Hosting

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